Magic mushrooms Scotland has always been a tough commodity to come by. But with overwhelming positive, therapeutic benefits for psilocybin magic mushrooms, we have decided to launch:

magic mushrooms scotland

Magic Mushrooms in Scotland – Where Should I Buy?

We really think if you are looking for magic mushrooms in Scotland, you should consider buying from us at

How Quick Will My Magic Mushroom Scotland Order Arrive?

We always ship the same day, so you can expect your order to arrive pretty quickly. Generally a week we way with tracking.


Need some shrooms for your next trip? You can always buy magic mushrooms uk. We have famed shrooms like the Golden Teacher and Alibino Penis Envy for quick delivery.

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  1. Hi there, I’m based in Dundee I was thinking try mushrooms for my anxiety I’ve read a and watch various documentary about. What I’m look for advice on which one.

    Please can advise me

    1. Hiya Immy, In reply to your question on treating your anxiety I would read the descriptions of each strain on this website as they do a good job of mentioning the each mushrooms traits like effects and potency. The dosage may be another factor you should really consider as you DONT want to elevate your anxiety with a strong dose, micro-dosing is a safe and soft way to start with, and for this you will need to be accurate with weight so consider getting a small jewellery electronic scale. Hope this helps, its best that you make your own mushroom choice as you know yourself best Im currently trying “Golden teacher” which seems to react with my body specifically my stomach but i think that because of my heavy drinking, Im also trying “African Transkei” this is a bit stronger and seems to have a more heady effect.

  2. Hiya Immy & Boyd,

    Im loving my purchase so far really helping with reducing my anxiety, depression and has paused my heavy drinking. Would like to mention do your research on the strengths of the different types of mushrooms, as I have noticed this even miro dosing 0.3-0.6g once every 2/3 days (you defo need to get a small/tiny electric scale something like this to weigh with – ). Another point to note is that different types of mushrooms are different effects like some are more hedonistic and others more body/physical. I have noticed that the mushrooms also seem to react to areas of the body in pain/discomfort.

    Also the chocolate products are quite expensive for the size and potency, so Im gonna stick with the plain mushroom for now.

  3. I suffer very badly from depression arising from deep seated regret and am desperate for some kind of release from this hell! Antidepressants haven’t worked, but after exhaustive research into the therapeutic benefits of the mushroom, I feel sure that they may ” reboot” my brain. My question is this: are there any affordable mushrooms I can take, as I am on a limited income?

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