Albino Penis Envy

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Origin: South America

Starting Dose: Take 1g and wait for 3hrs

Onset Time: 45-60 mins

Duration: 4-5 hrs

Advanced Strength Level 90%


Orgin:albino penis envy
Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms originated from South America. With the exact location unknown.

Albino Penis Envy Mushrooms, or commonly just referred to as APE is often regarded as the strongest of the PE variants.

Vibrant visual excitement, intense feelings of ecstasy, uncontrollable giggling, and also joy, along with periods of deep introspective and philosophical thought.

High Potency 80%
Very Rare Mushroom 30%

Penis Envy mushrooms (PE) is definitively one of the most powerful Psilocybe cubensis strain. Penis Envy magic mushrooms are solid and tough hitting. Many people believe that the strain was first separated by fabulous mycologist and also psychonaut Terrence McKenna. This strain grows really slow yet the yields are huge fruits, and also mycologists recommend that its slow development results in even more time for psilocybin production. Its effects consist of brilliant aesthetic excitement, extreme sensations of euphoria, and deep self-contemplation as well as philosophical thought. Expect deep shamanic experiences, vision quests and an extreme magical experience. Not suggested for first time users. This strain is powerful and expect a trans-formative experience.

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4 reviews for Albino Penis Envy

  1. Ibz Archon (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing

    • admin

      The places I have been on APE, I just canโ€™t describe. Sounds like you loved your travels ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. Charles Mackenzie (verified owner)

    Haven’t tried these yet but the service from this place was amazing! Very kind owner who didn’t mind that I had sent him slightly less due to complications with my payment. This site is 100% legit. Also, it incentivises you to buy bitcoin which is always a good thing! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  3. Maria (verified owner)

    Bought 3g to try em out and i must say they are amazing!! Great trip if you do a full dose, intense with fun visuals(my favourite part). I also microdosed on these just to boost my creative process and it works WONDERS! I m not one to leave reviews but everything was so good about this order + unexpectedly fast delivery โ™ฅ๏ธ

  4. Nigel craig (verified owner)

    Ordered from UK and arrived safely no problems, me and a friend did 2g each and were buzzing 15 mins later, 15 mins after that we were howling with laughter and in a great place, great visuals too. what an amazing night. I don’t do reviews normally but these guys deserve it for the service they provide. Am ordering my next batch now.

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