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Origin: United States – Florida (What is believed)

Starting Dose: Take 2g and wait for 3hrs

Onset Time: 45-60 mins

Duration: 4-5 hrs

Entry Strength Level 30%


Origins:golden teacher
Common thoughts are the Golden Teacher mushrooms were first discovered growing in the wild in the Florida Everglades. It is believed to first have appeared in the 1980’s.

Golden Teachers have a soothing mild potency. 2 grams minimum is recommended for most looking for a spiritual journey. Not overpowering, the Golden Teacher mushroom is great for beginner’s looking for that first trip.

Warped visual distortions with light enhancements. Lightness and giddiness with a general sense of euphoria and spirituality. Golden Teachers is are a terrific mushroom choice for novices and psychedelic novices. It offers a mild-to-high psychotropic experience that the majority of any individual can sustain, also in higher dosages. Rather, Golden Teachers are entirely spiritual and metaphysical in nature. You exist with a gateway to the internal reaches of your spirituality, and a bridge attaching you to the inmost edges of deep space.

Mild Potency 30%

Common Mushroom 70%

Some believe a specimen of the Golden Teacher mushroom was discovered in the expansive everglades in Florida, appearing initially throughout the mid 1980’s. Word spread around fast, generally because of the recognizable golden caps with yellow speckles on it. Compared to various other Psilocybe Cubensis varieties, the Golden Teacher magic mushrooms are rather big and also classy in its appearance.

There is a tale that the Golden Teacher was in fact the  Hawaiian PES, renamed by a Dutch farmer, since: “sometimes ideal before the shrouds break when the primordia are at their biggest size prior to ending up being fully grown, the whole shroom can have a gold yellow-colored color which disappears when maturation begins to set in.

The “gold” part originates from the natural colours of this mushroom– a yellowish-golden color. That’s when you recognize the mushroom remains in its adult phase and also it’s considered suitable for usage. The dried-out mushrooms will certainly still retain the golden colors of the caps, which symbolize the top quality as well as psychedelic capacity they have.

The “teacher” component offers numerous ramifications, all attached to the shamanistic as well as spiritual buildings of this mushroom. Eating it in bigger quantities may open your eyes, figuratively talking, to an entire new understanding of the globe. You will possibly learn brand-new things about you and also regarding the method deep space functions. It’s a form of education and learning on the much deeper significances of nature and also the world, one that’s wholly irreplaceable as well as one-of-a-kind for every single consumer.

Transcendence and, required to an absolute, ego death, represent the best definitions of the Golden Teachers. The spiritual partialities you have will certainly be gotten up completely, supplying you with brand-new insights right into the enigmas of the natural world. This psilocybin mushroom functions as a shamanistic overview pointing the way toward a greatly much more profound understanding of your location in the world. Purchase Golden Teachers online in the UKand also experience it on your own!

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5 reviews for Golden Teacher

  1. Scott Rogers (verified owner)

    These were the first mushrooms I’ve tried and as the description says they aren’t nothing overpowering but give a nice feeling of euphoria. Completely beginner friendly however I am yet to compare these to another type of mushroom. Arrived Quickly.

    • admin

      Thanks Scott! Exactly what the Golden’s are intended for. Love the euphoria as well on them.

  2. John Blackburn

    It was okay and it makes you laugh. Not to trippy. Its good starter Mushroom. Fast delivery.

  3. Nigel Scholes (verified owner)

    I bought 7g recently. I was surprised how quickly it arrived! I tried about 1.5g initially while I was alone for the day; it was ok – space distortions & some visual patterns. I tried a similar amount a week later in a more social setting &that was enjoyable. I went out on my ebike too. So, just today I was alone again for the day & ingested the remainder,, so maybe 3.5 – 4g. Hmmm – right, it came on quickly with spectacular geometric patterns everywhere. I felt I needed to lie down, so I did but became very unsettled & I suppose a bit distressed. I think was having a bit of a bad trip really & vowed I’d never touch psychedelics again, including abandoning my DMT extraction project. But, as it wore off I felt I’d somehow survived something educational & useful in its way, & a lot of my persistent aches & pains had gone! . All thoughts of abandoning psychedelics went away too. A bit of an odd experience but I’ll be ordering more soon, maybe one of the more potent varieties The visual patterns were incredible, like LSD ones but absolutely everywhere & clearer, it’s a pity the anxiety & nausea stopped me appreciating them. It’s nearly 50 years since I last took LSD. I’ve tried Liberty caps a few times but always at low doses. So, there we go. Looking forward to the next exercise!

  4. Ry

    Put my order in about a month back didn’t recive any tracking info but didn’t think to much about it then today check the mail and it was all there and definitely gonna order from you guys again.

  5. Shane Osborne (verified owner)

    Amazing speed in post to UK me and the misses got golden teachers I’ve had shrooms before so they were just a nice chilled not to much the misses really enjoyed herself definitely gonna be ordering more 😊

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