Nature’s Edibles | Magic Mushroom Chocolate 3.0g / bar |

2 Amazing Magic Mushroom

Chocolate Bar Flavours

3.0 gram psilocybin / bar | 60 gram bar

Raspberry + Dark Chocolate | Toffee + Dark Chocolate

Nature’s Edibles are simply the most delicious magic mushroom chocolate bars available on the market today.

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Nature’s Edibles are simply the highest quality magic mushroom chocolate bars made


2 Mushroom Chocolate Bar Flavours to Choose:

Dark Chocolate + Raspberry: A buyuk psilocybin favourite! Loads of fresh raspberry flavour jammed in a delicious dark chocolate bar. Simply a delight to eat, it is hard to imagine there is actually psilocybin loaded in each piece!

Dark Chocolate + Toffee: Silky smooth toffee, intertwined so magnificently in a mushroom chocolate. Hard to believe we are medicating with the delicate treat.

Each Nature’s Edibles chocolate bar includes 3.0 g of psilocybin
Each individual square includes 120 mg.

Active Ingredients: Dark Chocolate (delicious chocolate, sugar, cacao butter, soy lecithin), Vanilla, Caramel, White Chocolate (milk powder, sugar), Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oils, Whey Milk, Dextrose, Golden Teacher Mushrooms.

Natures Edibles Magic mushroom chocolates are not what you are looking for? Try our dried magic mushrooms

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Raspberry + Dark Chocolate, Toffee + Dark Chocolate