Buy Magic Mushrooms Scotland Online | Same Day Shipping

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Magic mushrooms Scotland has always been a tough commodity to come by. But with overwhelming positive, therapeutic benefits for psilocybin magic mushrooms, we have decided to launch: Magic Mushrooms in Scotland – Where Should I Buy? We really think if you are looking for magic mushrooms in Scotland, you should consider buying from us […]

Psychedelic Artists on Instagram: Our Top 10

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Psychedelic Art Can Help Get You in the Right Mood The idea “psychedelic” comes from the Ancient Greek words psychÄ“ (mind) and dÄ“loun (disclose), which in general terms equates to “mind revealing.” Maybe said that art and also any human undertaking is a manifestation of the soul, so all acts are psychedelic in a manner. […]

Sex On Shrooms: Should You Do It? Everything You Must Know

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Sex On Shrooms The Ultimate Psychedelic Romance According to Terence Mckenna, an American Ethnobotanist, magic mushrooms have actually been made use of as aphrodisiacs going back to the Stone Age. This hypothesis explains the thought of having sex on shrooms. He thought it motivated strength in guys and resulted in orgies. While his theories still […]

Blue Spotting on Magic Mushrooms?

Why do I see Blue Spotting on Magic Mushrooms? If you consume or grow Magic Mushrooms, you might have discovered that a few of them establish blue spots on them over time. Blue spotting on magic mushrooms is a natural process that happens in Psilocybin Mushrooms (likewise referred to as psilo shrooms). Although it is […]

5 Tips to Avoid a Bad Mushroom Trip

1. Tripping in the Wrong Environment Along with the Wrong Friends Trying to avoid a bad mushroom trip? Heard about them from friends, but unsure on how to avoid them? The environment and surroundings you pick for your trip or journey are as vital as the amount of shrooms you take in. Encountering an atmosphere […]